Thursday, February 13, 2014

Pulling Up, Standing, and First Supported Steps

Just like with the stairs, Rory has recently conquered another new skill, pulling up. He pulls up non-stop these days. All he wants to do is stand.



He’s even getting so bold as to let go with one hand and half turn to look across the room, as well as going from standing at the coffee table to standing at one of the couches. And he’s also figured out how to ease himself back down onto the ground from a standing position.



His balance and control are improving but he has conked his head quite a bit in trying to figure out his new skill. Oops. Live and learn, my son; live and learn.


He is also starting to get good at taking steps when holding onto someone’s hands or his push toy, and I got a cute little video of him doing that last weekend. I don’t think he’ll be walking by his birthday (!!!!next month!!!!), but he’s certainly headed that way.


Happy Thursday!


rileybeansproutfollower985 said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh!! That little one may just surprise you Courtney!! Walking on his own SOON!!!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

That was again a great blog- Hugs, Grams

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