Thursday, February 20, 2014

Little Updates: Mealtime

Hi Mama. I think I might be ready to try this whole eating thing again.


Are you watching? Here I go!


I think I got it…..


…..almost there…..


…..yes! Did you see me, Mama? I ate a Puff all by myself!


And you know what?


It was pretty darn good. I think I’ll have some more.


Success! Little by little, he is getting better at eating. He is doing really well with Puffs and Cheerios, so I try to offer some to him after every meal so he can practice, practice, practice that pincer grip. And he still likes holding big pieces of things (like apple and carrot, pictured below), but he’s also starting to work those teeth of his, so it’s not really safe to give him things whole anymore.

IMG_4525 IMAG1847IMAG1848 IMG_4526

However, he has very recently become much more open to trying new things. We went out to lunch last Saturday and he ate an entire French fry. Awesome. Then the next day he tried a few small pieces of edamame. Terrific. A couple of days after that he actually stood next to me at the coffee table while I ate my breakfast and accepted lots of bites of bagel and banana. Stupendous. And did the same thing the next morning and the next morning and then shared my chipotle chicken chili later for lunch. UNBELIEVABLY WONDERFUL.


Of course he also decided to throw up mashed potatoes another day at lunch, so it’s not a perfect process.

But I am so proud of him for trying.


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