Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Check-Up with Dr. N

Riley had his 18-month well-visit with Dr. N yesterday. While we did have to wait for more than an hour before getting called to the back, Riley was the star of the show in the waiting room. (I seriously thanked my lucky stars that he’s a good kid…..waiting that long in a relatively confined space could have been really bad.) But he smiled and laughed practically the whole time we waited, and he made a couple of new friends in the meantime, kids and adults alike.

doc 3

He checked out just fine with Dr. N (“doctor, doctor”). He weighed in at 26 pounds 14 ounces (60%) and measured 33.5 inches long (80%), and his head circumference was 18.7 inches.

doc 1

And, after hearing how much he’s talking (both from me and the subject himself) and about a few other general things that have been happening at home, Dr. N pronounced him advanced for his age.

doc 2

As if we didn’t already know that.


QP said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm hoping he didn't slap the doctor on the head and say, "D'oh!"

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Of course he is ahead of his age, He has smart parents graandparents and great gandparents..So what can I say. Hugs, Graams

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