Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Video Tuesday: Music Together

Grandma signed Riley up for a Music Together class recently, and the first session was last Tuesday morning. The class runs for two months, and if Riley’s first experience was any indication of how he’ll like attending, I think he’s going to miss it when it’s over.


There were drums and shakers and all kinds of other instruments. There were songs to sing, knees to slap, and scarves to wave. There were a lot of other kids to watch, a really nice teacher, and a big space to run around in.

IMG_4536 IMG_4549 IMG_4550 IMG_4537


But Riley’s most favorite part was the mirrors all around the perimeter of the room. He was fascinated at seeing himself full-length, and he kept wanting to go check himself out instead of participate in the class!

IMG_4541 IMG_4539


Luckily, I captured a bit of this fascination on video, so please enjoy.

Happy Tuesday!


QP said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh now that was just so stinkin' cute

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Yes, he hasn't lost his good looks- Watch out little girls here's comes Riley. Hugs, Grams

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