Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Bathing Brothers

I didn’t think I would do it until Rory could sit up on his own, but I actually bathed both boys together for the first time last week.


Rory hadn’t napped well in the afternoon, so I wanted to get him bathed and down for the night early since I knew he was tired.


I gave Riley the option of playing with his trucks out in the den or coming into the bathroom with me. He started off in the den but soon made his way to where Rory and I were. I asked him if he wanted to get into the bathtub with Rory and, to my surprise, he said yes.


It was a little cramped because I’m still using a separate tub for the little one, but Rory absolutely loved having his brother in there with him. He was all smiles and laughs.


Kenny came home to this nice surprise and ran to get the camera so we could document the event. I was so glad he wasn’t too late this night; I love having the pictures to remember this particular bath.


Riley wanted to bathe with Rory the next night, too, and I must say that I love bathing them together.


It may take a little bit longer, but it’s so nice only having to do it once!


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Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

What a nice picture-- The boys are getting so big... Hugs, Graams

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